Thursday, June 8, 2017

Information from Math Night

There is a flyer that was given to parents at math night.  There are links to many math activities.

Fox Hill Family Math Night!

Below you will find links to the activities as well as links to other card and dice game instructions and websites that you can play with your child!  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

Links to the evening's card and dice game activities:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Reposted from Mrs. Johnson's Blog:  Brian's Pep Rally and Teen Light Walk-A-Thon

There is so much good happening every day in our Fox Hill Community and in our Burlington Community.  This was never so evident than on Friday and Saturday when students from the middle school teamed up with 5th grade students from Fox Hill School to raise money for a Fox Hill second grade student in need.  On Friday, our fifth grade hosted a school “pep rally” for a Fox Hill student who was honored at Walk for Teen Light, a middle school student group, that raises money for a family in need or for a significant charity. Our fifth graders organized the pep rally, created and performed cheers, while the rest of Fox Hill students made posters, held them high and joined in the supportive chants for Brian Lee and Teen Light.  On Saturday, friends, families, students and teachers came out to Walk for Teen Light.  It was quite an experience that took your breath away.  We are immensely proud and grateful for the kindness, the care, the sense of purpose and the support our students at Fox Hill and at the Marshall Simonds Middle School displayed over the last several months.  Burlington is a very fortunate and caring community that impresses every day.

Teen Light Walk: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Another Visit from Judith Jango-Cohen

Today we had another special visit form Ms. Jango-Cohen.  To kick off our Multi Cultural unit, she talked with us about immigration and her book Ellis Island. Ms. Jango-Cohen shared with the children about the hardships immigrants faced coming to a new land. She shared with the children items they may have brought with them and the "tests" they needed to pass to be allowed into the country.

We are excited to being our Multi cultural unit to celebrate our heritage.  Directions and the poster to be filled in was sent home today.  It is due on June 1, 2017

Don't forget to save the date of June 13th at 1:45.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Special Author Visit: Judith Jango-Cohen

Today the second graders were treated to a special presentation.  Local non-fiction writer, Judith Jango-Cohen came to speak with the children.  This is a annual event sponsored by the Fox Hill PTO.

Ms. Jango-Cohen is a Burlington resident who writes non-fiction books for children.  She explained to the children how she does research for her books.  Then Ms. Jango-Cohen demonstrated how to write with painting a picture with words using vivid verbs and techniques such as alliteration, metaphors, similes, and rhyming. The children also role played some animals to see how the adapt to their environment.  Everyone was quite involved in the presentation.

Coming home with your child today will be a book order of Ms. Jango-Cohen's books.  The orders will be due on Wednesday, May 3rd. Ms. Jango-Cohen will be coming back next week to talk with us about immigration to kick off our Social Studies unit on Cultural diversity.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Flat Stanley

Image result for flat stanley

The second graders were eagerly anticipating their field trip to see Flat Stanley. In preparation, we read the original Flat Stanley in class.  The children were engaged in the reading and discussion afterward.  They were really looking forward to see how the play version would compare to the book.

In addition, the children made their own Flat Stanley to mail to relatives and friends.  Stanley has been mailed to many states including New York , Florida, Kansas, California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and many others.  He also been sent to the Philippines, India, Korea, Brazil, and England.  We are excited to hear about Stanley's adventures. (See below to read where Stanley has been already!)

Last week we went to the Stoneham Theater to see a children's production of Flat Stanley. The children we captivated by the child performers who did a wonderful job of bringing the book to life.  After the play we were invited to join a "Talk Back" with the actors to hear a bit more about themselves and how they depicted certain parts of the play.

In reading rooms 17 & 18, the children have chosen another Flat Stanley book including some of his world wide adventures.  The children have learned how to take notes as they read each chapter and are working on a summary of the book.  They are then going to work with Mr. Murphy and Ms. Sheffer to make a presentation on their book using the Book Creator app and Chatter Pix app.  The children have loved learning this app and are excited to put their presentations together.  Once the projects are complete, the children will present their digital books to the class.

We have been so excited to hear from our first two Flat Stanleys.  The first Stanley was Emmett's Stanley mailed to New York.

Flat Stanley is in New York City!!! In New York City, everyone starts their day with coffee. Here Flat Stanley has an espresso, a type of Italian coffee that comes in a very small cup and is very strong. He started his day in the middle of Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City (Can you find the other 4 boroughs?)

Flat Stanley went outside to visit Bryant Park, right behind the big Public Library. Can you find the library on the map?

In Bryant Park there is a carousel ride but it was closed for the winter. 

Flat Stanley was not disappointed because he could walk 2 blocks and come to…TIMES SQUARE!!

yes, Times Square! Times Square is an area at the intersection of two streets: Broadway and Seventh Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. It is surrounded by very tall buildings with lots of signs.

There are soldiers who stay there to be sure everyone is safe. The soldiers were happy to pose with Flat Stanley.

Times Square is a fun place with lots of people and lots of information about New York City. Flat Stanley was happy to hang out here for a while and watch all the people and the billboards.

 Next Flat Stanley went north up Broadway, what the local people call “uptown” and stopped at Lincoln Center which is a group of theaters that show music concerts and dance shows.

Flat Stanley was happy to see the theaters because Flat Stanley always liked to dance and he was hoping to find some dancers at Lincoln Center.

Flat Stanley was in luck because he was lucky to find a ballerina to dance with at Lincoln Center. He hopes he can come back to New York City to watch his dancer friend on stage.

In the meantime, Flat Stanley jumped back into his envelope and headed back to Burlington and to Fox Hill Elementary school. While Flat Stanley loves to travel, he missed everyone at school and he can’t wait to see everyone again. Thanks for visiting New York Flat Stanley!! Come back soon!

We also heard from Kayla's Uncle Phil from Tampa Florida.

Yesterday Flat Stanley made his way safely to Tampa, Florida.   

Below is a map Stanley used to fly to Tampa, Florida: 


He is enjoying the warm 78 degree weather today and apparently is not missing the snow back up north.  He is currently checking out the palm trees and planning to go for a swim in the pool in the morning. 

Will keep you all posted on his Florida adventure! 

We are looking forward to hearing about Flat Stanley's other adventures.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Letter from the Superintendent to the Students in Burlington

Below is a post from Dr. Conti's blog.  It is a wonderful message of how we all "belong" in Burlington.

It is hard not to hear many adult conversations and see news reports around you regarding the recent restrictions on immigration.  Many people are struggling with questions of belonging.  Some question if everyone belongs and whether we can be safe.  Please be assured that all of you belong in the Burlington Schools.  Our commitment to educating all of you has never been more unyielding and important.
In my opinion, adults simply need to look inside our classrooms and learn from you.  I see classrooms where everyone is accepted regardless of faith, culture, ability, economic standing, and other differences.  You all believe in the best of your classmates and their intentions.  What you may not realize is that these lessons have been at the heart of public schools for a long time.
A part of the answer to the question of who belongs in public school can be seen in the Supreme Court’s decision of Plyler v. Doe (1982).  In Plyler, the Supreme Court determined that children belong in our public schools no matter how the children came to live in a community.  In other words, a child’s immigration status is not relevant.  You are all learners first.  If you live in Burlington, you are welcome in school.  You belong in school.  You are safe in school.  You are loved in school.
Moreover, nearly 75 years prior to the Plyler decision, John Dewey, a great American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer, said:
“The intermingling in the school of youth of different races, differing religions, and unlike customs creates for all a new and broader environment. Common subject matter accustoms all to a unity of outlook upon a broader horizon than is visible to the members of any group while it is isolated. The assimilative force of the American public school is eloquent testimony to the efficacy of the common and balanced appeal.”
Please know that all of you belong, and together in Burlington, we are creating a broader horizon for everyone.
Thank you, Eric Conti  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hero Assembly

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on Heroes.   We have watched videos and read books about everyday heroes.

Here is a link to a video the children really enjoyed:

After some discussion, we brainstormed a list of characteristics of a hero.  Some of the characteristics were: hardworking, compassionate, kind, helpful, dependable, respectful, protective, supportive

Then the children made a recipe of their everyday heroes.  Some of their heroes were their parents, grandparents, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Veterans, police officers, firefighters, and people from the military.

On Friday we had an assembly where our chefs presented their recipes for their heroes.

Brag Beads

Fox Hill focuses on the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Kindness.  
Since the beginning of the year we have be recognizing the children when they display any of the core values. They earn a colored "brag bead" depending on the value.  After 10 beads the child may add a white bead to their necklace and then choose a prize from the treasure chest.  Just recently, we had three girls earn their 50th bead.

Congratulations: Kayla, Ellie and Lauren!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


We are excited to begin In the Spotlight in just a few weeks.  The letter below was sent home yesterday to explain our Spotlight process.  

We are looking forward to all of our children "shining" over the next few months!!

Image result for spotlight

During the week of January 23,  Rooms 17 & 18 will be starting a special program called “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”.  It is a unique program for second graders at Fox Hill School.

“IN THE SPOTLIGHT” is a time for us to really get to know each child and enjoy the child’s personality while the child feels very special.  There will be one child “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” in each classroom.

On the Friday before your child’s Spotlight week your child will come home with a Spotlight packet.   It will include the date and time you should come to visit (explained below) and several papers to be completed over the weekend and returned on Monday. Please encourage your child to do his/her best as the papers will be on display and become part of your child’s portfolio.

During the following week your child may bring items from home to share with the class.  The items should be small enough to come to school on the bus and not breakable or too expensive. No living animals are allowed.  The children are encouraged to select special items that tell us about themselves. (If an item is too large, feel free to take a picture of it and your child can bring the picture in.)

Some examples are:
  1. Special pictures of your family.
  2. Pictures of special occasions, trips, parties, etc.
  3. Favorite toys or books.
  4. Items from hobbies, trophies, patches, collections, etc.

All week the “Spotlighter” will be our special helper around the room.

On Friday afternoon the “Spotlighter” will be allowed to invite a special adult to come and visit with our homeroom class from 1:50-2:20.

Typically our selection process of the new Spotlighter is that the child in the Spotlight ends their spotlight week by randomly drawing the child for the next week.  This process promotes a great deal of excitement and anticipation from the children.  However, we understand that due to work schedules, more notice may be necessary.  If you feel that one week is not enough notice to schedule a visit to the classroom, please let us know and we can assign a specific week for your child.

During the “Spotlight” time the “Spotlighter” will introduce the adult.  The adult will then share something special with all of the children.  Some suggestions are:
  1. Read your family’s favorite story.
  2. Demonstrate something special you can do: a craft, magic trick, play an instrument, sing a song or even dance!
  3. Tell and show the children what you do for a job or explain a special activity you and your child enjoy doing together.
  4. Share a special holiday or family tradition.
  5. Tell funny stories of things you have done with the child “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”.
  6. Share a hobby.

Our special visitors help us expose the children to a wide variety of experiences.

HELPFUL HINT: Keep in mind that children respond readily to visuals and hands on activities.

Finally, on Friday, our classroom Teddy will go home with the child for a weekend visit.  During this time the child will be asked to complete a book telling what he/she did with Teddy over the weekend.  The book also needs to be illustrated.  If you would like, digital pictures can be used.  Moms/Dads are encouraged to help your child with the writing.  The child should bring the book back on the following Monday to read to the class and add it to our classroom library for all of us to read and enjoy.

We are very excited to begin “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” but to be a truly successful program we need your support.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us.

Michelle Tigges & Ellen Lewis