Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week of November 21 and Happy Thanksgiving

This week was a short week.

In reading we:

  • Worked on using Google Classroom to type our Lego Land stories.  The children learned how to "join a class" and type their piece.  Then they watched a short video made by Ms. Scheffer to explain how to "turn in" their piece through Google Classroom.  The children also worked together to watch the video on their partner's i-pad to complete the process.  It was quite impressive to see all of the technology in use.
  • did stations to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The children worked in groups and went from station to station completing reading, writing and math activities that centered around Thanksgiving.  
In math we:
  • Room 17: completed the Topic 2 Assessment and began the Topic 3 opener: Adding within 100: Using strategies.
  • Room 18: worked on the first few lessons on Topic 3
In Social Studies we:
  • played a Thanksgiving game called "Who has....".  The children read clues about Thanksgiving and the other children had to decide who had the next card.  It took a lot of listening and following directions as well as knowledge of facts from the first Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Second Grade Families

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