Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lego Land Field Trip

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On Wednesday, we went to Lego Land.  

We started our visit with viewing "Miniland".  This is a replica of many Boston landmarks all made out of legos.  There were many interactive elements which allowed the children to:  make music at the Hatshell, get a homerun at Fenway Park, make the workers load planes at Logan Airport, cheer on the players at Gillette Stadium as well as many others.

Then the children went into a writing workshop.  They were put into groups of threes.  The instructor asked the children to think of one of the landmarks from Miniland.  Next, they were asked to write a story with their partners including that landmark.  They used strategies such as strong characters, a setting, beginning, middle and end, problem and solution.  When the groups had finished their stories, they had to build the sections of the stories with the Legos.  It was a wonderful experience to incorporate writing skills along with cooperation and creativity.

Then we went on to explore the rest of Lego Land.  The children went on two different themed Lego rides and built spaceships in the Space section. They tested their building skills in the build and test center where they had to build a vehicle and race it down an incline.  It was interesting to see how the children would plan out their vehicle, race it and decide on modifications to see how to make it more efficient.  We also explored the play zone and the Ninja Training section.  Some groups even enjoyed a 4D movie where our favorite Lego characters came to life.

Lego Land was a wonderful day to spend time with friends learning and having fun.

Enjoy our pictures from our exciting day!!

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