Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Busy few weeks!!

We have had a busy few weeks.  The children have participated in a whole school assembly. We shared our Hopes and Dreams for the new school year.

We also had picture day, always an exciting experience.

In the Library, with Mr. Murphy, we had a lesson on Book Creator on our i-pads.  The children learned how to take pictures and even how to use the "green screen."  They also learned how they will be able to create their own book using this fun app.

During the summer, Mrs. Tigges and Mrs. Lewis attended a Professional Development class on mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great tool to assist with calming ourselves, relaxing and connecting with our thoughts.  We have been doing some mindfulness activities with the children as a way to slow down and regroup before moving onto the next activity.  Here are the children doing a little meditation before our next class.

If you would like to learn a little more about mindfulness, here is a link to mindfulness with children.

We are in "full swing" with switching into our reading and math rooms.

In reading we are:
  • learning how to predict from a title, cover and picture walk
  • choosing new vocabulary from our reading and looking up the definition on our i-pads.  The new words will become part of our bulletin board display "Second Graders: Building our vocabulary word by word.
  • meeting in our guided reading groups
  • listening to the read aloud story Gooney Bird Green by: Lois Lowry
  • practicing our reading fluency
  • reading books independently
  • doing literature studies on Henry and Mudge and Frog and Toad
  • strengthening our "Fundations" skills-closed syllables, digraphs, blends, the sounds and rules of "k", bonus letters and glued sounds
  • reading Scholastic News
  • doing listening activities
In math we are:
  • using a new version of our Envisions program
  • working our our math fluency within 20
  • learning strategies such as counting on, counting back, finding the missing addend, using a number line, the commutative property (related addition and subtractions facts), doubles and doubles +1, making 10, finding patterns in math facts
  • learning fact families
  • writing math fact story problems for our facts
In Science we are:
  • starting our unit on trees
  • learning new vocabulary such as: chlorophyll, branch, leaves, trunk, roots, outer bark, buds, coniferous, deciduous
  • getting ready to adopt a tree outside to observe throughout the year
  • practicing measurement with a tape measure and ruler with inches and centimeters
  • investigating a thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius: learning the the boiling point, warm day and freezing point in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

In Social Studies we are:
  • discussing current events
  • learning about maps and globes
  • exploring cultural diversity
  • engaging in activities about Christopher Columbus 

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