Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scholastic Book Fair

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Friday is Book Fair Day

If your child would like to buy a book, please send your child with money on Friday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A New Friend in Room 17

On Tuesday we had an exciting day.  We were working hard in our reading rooms when all of a sudden someone noticed the Luna Moth was slowly slipping out of his cocoon.  Of course we tip-toed over to watch the amazing site.  The moth wiggled his way out and clung to his cocoon.  We talked about how the moth needs time to pump up his wings before he is ready to fly.  When we came into school this morning, our new friend had ventured off to visit some other classrooms.

Watch below to see our new friend enter the world.

Spring Planting

Before April vacation, the second graders helped prepare the beds for the Fox Hill Garden. Using garden tools and the guidance of Mrs. Thorpe we cleaned out all of the twigs and turned the soil.  Then we helped plant the peas.

It was wonderful to see the children working together.  It will be exciting to see everything that grows and what we can have with our lunch.

Author Visit: Ms. Jango-Cohen

To kick off our nonfiction unit, the second graders had a special treat: Local author Ms. Judith Jango-Cohen came to visit.  Ms. Jango-Cohen has been coming to visit the second graders at Fox Hill for over ten years.

This PTO sponsored event is a wonderful introduction to our nonfiction unit.  Ms. Jango-Cohen took the children through the organizing, planning and organizing of writing.  We learned about alliteration, rhyming and painting pictures with words.  Ms. Jango-Cohen explained to the children how she does research for her books, including visiting the Burlington Fire Department and the local libraries.  Then she talked about how she can not just write one draft of a book and encouraged the children to take a risk and write their own stories.

Since Ms. Jango-Cohen's first visit, she has been back to watch some of the Nonfiction Book Talk projects the children have been presenting.  She was quite impressed with the quality of work the children produced and was amazed at how confidently they presented.

Thank you to the PTO for sponsoring this event.  We look forward to Ms.Jango-Cohen coming back in mid May to kick off our Multi-cultural event and teach the children about Immigration.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Biography Book Creator

The second graders have been working hard studying the genre of Biographies.  We learned about many interesting people in our guided reading groups, read biographies for homework and told our classmates what we learned about the famous people and even listened to many biography book talk projects presented by our peers.

As a culmination for our Biography unit, the children created their own book on book creator.  Mr. Murphy taught us how to use the app on our i-pad and we learned how to take research notes.  When we were finished we took our research and made our own book.  We even used the green screen in the library to put ourselves in a picture with Barack Obama.

Please enjoy these pictures of our research gathering in the library and some of our green screen pictures.