Wednesday, February 10, 2016

100 Day in Second Grade!

Today in second grade we celebrated the 100th day of school.  Stations were set up between all three classrooms and in the hallway.  All of the stations were to incorporate the number 100.  Some of the activities included: a 100 day hat, spending $100, making smaller words out of the words "one hundred", solving 100 math problems, reading a book called "The 100th Day Project" and discussing the story with their groups, writing about what they would be like at 100 years old, illustrating a poem about 100 animals at the zoo and gluing 100 objects onto a mural.  The groups worked cooperatively to accomplish each task.  For homework the children were given tasks that also involved the number 100. In class we will write  narrative piece about the children's exciting day!  Here are a few pictures:

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