Monday, February 29, 2016

Confidence to Take Action

On Friday we had an assembly entitled "Confidence to Take Action". Before the assembly we had talked with the children about what it means to have "confidence to take action."  We shared a slide show with the children and gave examples of how each of the actions could relate to their own lives.  Then each child wrote about a time they had confidence to apologize, be themselves, listen, love, etc.  During the assembly, grade two shared the slide show and then read some of the examples of how they had confidence to take action.

Here is a video of the second grade portion of the assembly:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Friday, Rooms 17 & 18 celebrated Valentine's Day!  We started off the afternoon by making ladybug tic tac toe boards and then challenged our friends to a friendly game.  Next we had our special snack in our "Party in a Bag", followed by the long anticipated opening of the valentines from our friends.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Vacation!!

Second Grade /Kindergarten Book Buddies

On Friday, all the second graders spent some time with their kindergarten book buddies.  Room 17 along with Mrs. Bennett's class shared a special story called My Heart is Like a Zoo. It was a cute story where every animal in the zoo was made out of hearts.  Then the buddies made their own heart animals.  It was wonderful to see the children working cooperatively and heart warming to hear the children say "I have the best book buddy ever!"  After their animals were done the second graders shared a special Valentine book they had as a Valentine gift for their buddies.  The second graders were excited to receive a special book mark from their buddies.

What a wonderful way to spend the morning before vacation!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

1984 World Championship Celtics Trophy visits Fox Hill School

The Fox Hill students had a special treat today when the Boston Celtics 1984 World Championship trophy made a visit.  The trophy made its way to each classroom so each child could see it.

The visit was due to the wonderful work by Mrs. Magnarelli and the Fox Hill PTO.  As a fundraiser earlier in the year, the PTO sold tickets to a Celtics game.  The school earned money for each ticket sold and there were different incentives for the school including being on the floor to high five players and to have the trophy visit Fox Hill.

Thank you to the Fox Hill PTO for all of their efforts.  The children in Rooms 17 & 18 enjoyed our photo op with the trophy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5th Grade Yard Sale to benefit the Amur Leopard

February “Yard Sale!”

     The Fifth Grade Kindness Committee is  working on a fundraiser which will benefit the World Wildlife Federation. This isn't an actual yard sale. The Kindness Committee borrowed the idea.  Regular yard sales are held on a sunny day, outside, and on someone’s front lawn. The only difference our “yard sale” has is that we will be doing it in the cafeteria and it will be the middle of winter. The way this will work is that kids will bring in money, and for each dollar they donate they get a ticket. On Friday, February 12th, the kids will turn in their tickets and get toys, games, books, clothes, and school supplies in exchange. Doing this will help the Amur Leopard, a leopard that is being hunted down for its soft skin. There are 50 or more left in the wild. Today, there are lots of endangered animals in the world. Bring in money, and we will help other animals and you can get something good too!
Ananya Arvind

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The Second Graders will visit the 5th grade yard sale on Friday, February 12th.

100 Day in Second Grade!

Today in second grade we celebrated the 100th day of school.  Stations were set up between all three classrooms and in the hallway.  All of the stations were to incorporate the number 100.  Some of the activities included: a 100 day hat, spending $100, making smaller words out of the words "one hundred", solving 100 math problems, reading a book called "The 100th Day Project" and discussing the story with their groups, writing about what they would be like at 100 years old, illustrating a poem about 100 animals at the zoo and gluing 100 objects onto a mural.  The groups worked cooperatively to accomplish each task.  For homework the children were given tasks that also involved the number 100. In class we will write  narrative piece about the children's exciting day!  Here are a few pictures: