Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kite Flying Tradition from Nepal

Mathis' Dad taught us all about the kite flying tradition he participated in as a young boy in Nepal.

 June is the rice planting season.  It is harvested in November, however that is the monsoon season. Long ago, to help with all of the rain, children would make kites and write messages to the Gods to stop all of the rain so the crops would survive.  Nowadays, children continue the custom and make many kites to fly during a festival in October.  Thousands of kites will be in the sky at once and if your kite breaks loose form the string the person who recovers the kite gets to keep it.  There is another festival in November to celebrate the harvest.

Mathis' Dad brought in some kites they had made together and a huge spool of string, that can be coated with different materials to keep the string stronger.  It was amazing how quickly he could reel in the string!

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