Sunday, November 1, 2015

Second Graders Adopt a Tree

The children in rooms 17 & 18 have been learning about trees.  Last week the children were put into Tree Journal groups: a group of four children to work together.  We went out to the playground and each group found a tree to "adopt".  The groups had to write down some data such as date, time and weather.  Also, they did some measuring of their trees. (The photos below are when we were learning how to use the tape measures.  The children had to measure around each other's heads and various other items around the room.) In addition, the groups had to use the thermometer to record the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.  Then the scientists has to write their observations of the trees and draw a well detailed picture of their tree.  While the children were doing all of their research on their tree they had to observe any animals they were able to see.  One group insisted they saw a deer in the woods, however, that was not confirmed by any other sources.  We will continue to monitor our classroom trees throughout the seasons.

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