Monday, November 30, 2015

Goodbye November!

It is hard to believe that the first term of school is over and we are heading into December!!

November has been an exciting month.  Not only did we do all of our regular reading and math activities, we introduced the writing genre of personal narrative.  The children have been working on writing a well organized story about our vocabulary parade.  They wrote exciting beginnings to their pieces to grab their readers attention. Exciting vocabulary, strong details, transition words and a bold ending completed the personal narratives.  The children are working on publishing their pieces to become part of their writing portfolios.

Also, this month we had bus safety. Officer S. from the Burlington Police Department spoke with the children about the proper way to wait at the bus stop and how to cross in front of the bus. Then we headed out to the buses to learn all of the emergency exits.  Jumping put of the back door was the highlight!

We also wrote fall sense poems, published them in our Google accounts, sponge painted leaves to put the poems on and hung the colorful leaves on our beautiful fall tree designed by Jazmine's mother.

The second graders all brainstormed things they were thankful for.  The wrote their thoughts on turkey feathers to enhance our pod 3 turkey and also made cute turkeys to hang under our tree.  If you come for conferences this week you will see our wonderful display.

Lastly, on the half day before Thanksgiving, the children participated in some wonderful Thanksgiving stations.  They worked in groups of four or five, with at least once child from each grade 2 homeroom.  The children did reading, writing, math, social studies, and art activities to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends.

Enjoy the pictures below to get a quick glimpse into your child's learning community!

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