Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome Back to School!!

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Welcome to second grade!  Today we had a wonderful day.  We were excited to meet all of our new students and the children were ready for a new adventure.  An especially proud moment was when our current Fox Hill students were so welcoming to our new members of the Fox Hill community.

We began the day with a morning meeting where we did our greeting and shared something about ourselves. Then we read a book called The First Day Jitters,  where the main character in the story was a bit nervous about starting school.  Ask your child who the "surprise" character was.  Snack and a little bonus recess time was next on the agenda followed by a group activity with all of the second grade classes.  We read a poem about friendship and then the children wrote their own verse for the poem.  Then we made "people" that will surround our poem and new verses.  After recess and lunch we shared some "Me Boxes" then did a first entry of the children's portfolio entitled "My first day of second grade."  Next was Physical Education and a bit more writing.  We ended the day with sharing our Welcome Back to School bag with the children.  (Wow!!  What a busy day!!)

Just a quick reminder: We have snack every day and it is difficult for the children who do not have a snack to watch their friends eating.  In the past we were able to share snack with those children however, the new food policy doesn't allow that freedom any more.  Please be sure your child has  healthy snack every day.  It is their "fuel" to get them through until lunch.  Also, it is expected to be very hot and humid all week.  Extra water may be helpful this week.

Please try to come to Fox Hill's Back to School Night on Thursday, September 10th from 6:30 to 8:30.  It will be an informative evening and a great chance to see some of your child's work!

We are so excited to begin our second grade adventure!

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