Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Great Mail Race

Rooms 17 & 18 are participating in The Great Mail Race.  About a month ago we received a letter from a little second grade boy from New London, Iowa.  Cole's class was doing The Great Mail Race.  Their class chose one school from each state in the country and he chose us.  We were so excited to hear about the similarities and differences between our schools.

We decided to join The Great Mail Race.  We put slips of paper, with state names on them, in a basket.  Each child picked two slips from the basket.  From there the children used their i-pads to find a map of their state.  Then they chose a city/town from that map.  Next, the children went on a site called greatschools.org
Then they read the descriptions of the schools and found an elementary school in that city and state.  The children wrote a letter to a fellow second grader telling them all about our school.

We mailed the letters to all of the states and just received a letter back from Maine.  It was from a one room school house that had 14 children in the whole school.  It was very interesting.

We wanted to map out which states we had heard from.  Mr. Parkin, expert map maker, made some awesome maps for us.  We have a giant map so we can color in each state as we hear from them.  In addition, he made smaller individual maps for each of the children to keep in their desk and track the states.

We will keep you updated on the states we hear from!!

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