Friday, April 17, 2015

Multi-Cultural Project

Today your child came home with directions and research for their multi-cultural project.  The actual poster part of the project will arrive over vacation and we will pass it out after vacation.  The project will be due on June 8th and our Multi-Cultural presentation will be on Friday, June 12th at 1:30 PM.  The directions are listed below.

Multi-Cultural Project

As part of our Second Grade Social Studies curriculum the children will be discovering the many cultures here at Fox Hill School.

With the help of Mr. Murphy, Mr. Donoff and our i-pads the children will be researching the country of their heritage to gather information. Once we do research the children will bring home their information.  (We wanted you to have the directions ahead of time so they children can begin working on this project.)

The website we will be using in class is  

Parents who have had us in the past will notice we have modified the project due to the fact the Blizzard Bags have also gone home. We will be sending home a poster that the children will fill in with the information they have gathered.  The poster includes information such as:  the flag, map of the country, leader, population, language, capital city, continent, hemisphere, land area, interesting facts, holidays and traditions, countries and oceans that border it, how to say hello, and natural resources.

The poster is due on or before Monday, June 8, 2015.

We hope you and your child enjoy exploring this activity together.  Have Fun.

As a culminating activity we are inviting you to a Multicultural presentation where the children will perform songs and dances from various cultures.  Also, the posters the children have made will be on display in the cafeteria.  The date of our presentation is Friday, June 12, 2015 from 1:30-2:30.  A formal invitation will be sent home at a later time.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free on contact us.
The Second Grade Teachers

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