Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy 100th Day of School!!

Tuesday, February 24th was a long anticipated day! We were celebrating the 100th day of school. Originally the 100th day was on February 10th but due to all of the snow days we had to wait until after vacation. We celebrated the day by setting up 10-100 themed stations between the two classrooms. The children worked collaboratively to complete activities such as: gluing 100 items on to a mural, tossing a die and coin 100 times to see which number or heads/tails came out the most, completing 100 addition and subtraction facts, spending and recording what they could spend with $100 and creating a 100 day hat. In addition, the children read a book about 100 day and answered questions, brainstormed 100 verbs, made words out of the letters from one hundred, wrote about what they would look like and had accomplished if they were 100 and illustrated a poem called 100 Animals in the Zoo. A great time was had by all and as you would probably agree, we are all 100 days smarter!!

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