Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!  Along with the new year comes some new, exciting activities in second grade.  First of all, we will be starting Book Talk projects.  Reading rooms 17 & 18 have sent home the instructions and Mrs. Sheppard's class should be getting the directions shortly. The purpose of these projects is to expose the children to a variety of genres of reading, help children prepare a long term project and plan their time wisely,  give the children the opportunity to speak in front of their peers and to elicit an excitement to read the books their peers are sharing with them.  The first project is a fiction book, then a biography and lastly a nonfiction, where the children will "teach" the class about their subject. Each book should be a book the children have never read before and should be approved by the child's reading teacher before beginning the project to be sure is it an appropriate book and reading level. We are looking forward to some wonderful Book Talks in the weeks to come!

Also beginning in the new year is "Spotlight".  Spotlight is a special activity for second graders.  Each child will have the opportunity to "shine" for the week.  The other children will write wonderful things about the "Spotlighter", they will be able to bring in special items to share with the class, be the special helper for the week, get to share a special guest with our class at the end of the week and take home the classroom Teddy for the weekend. More specific details will be coming home soon so keep your eyes out to see who will be shining brightly in second grade.

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