Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Spotlight!!

We are excited to begin our special activity "In the Spotlight" next week.

Below is a copy of the letter that went home today.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Dear Parents,

During the week of February 2, 2015,  Rooms 17 & 18 will be starting a special program called “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”.  It is a unique program for second graders at Fox Hill School.

“IN THE SPOTLIGHT” is a time for us to really get to know each child and enjoy the child’s personality while the child feels very special.  There will be one child “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” in each classroom.

On the Friday before your child’s Spotlight week your child will come home with a Spotlight packet.   It will include the date and time you should come to visit (explained below) and several papers to be completed over the weekend and returned on Monday. Please encourage your child to do his/her best as the papers will be on display and become part of your child’s portfolio.

During the following week your child may bring items from home to share with the class.  The items should be small enough to come to school on the bus and not breakable or too expensive. No living animals are allowed.  The children are encouraged to select special items that tell us about themselves. (If an item is too large, feel free to take a picture of it and your child can bring the picture in.)

Some examples are:
  1. Special pictures of your family.
  2. Pictures of special occasions, trips, parties, etc.
  3. Favorite toys or books.
  4. Items from hobbies, trophies, patches, collections, etc.

All week the “Spotlighter” will be our special helper around the room.

On Friday afternoon the “Spotlighter” will be allowed to invite a special adult to come and visit with our homeroom class from 1:50-2:20.

If the date or time is not convenient for you please let us know and we can work with you to find a better time.  Also, if you know you will be out of town or will not be available during a certain part of the year, please let us know that also so we can plan around your schedule.

During the “Spotlight” time the “Spotlighter” will introduce the adult.  The adult will then share something special with all of the children.  Some suggestions are:
  1. Read your family’s favorite story.
  2. Demonstrate something special you can do: a craft, magic trick, play an instrument, sing a song or even dance!
  3. Tell and show the children what you do for a job or explain a special activity you and your child enjoy doing together.
  4. Share a special holiday or family tradition.
  5. Tell funny stories of things you have done with the child “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”.
  6. Share a hobby.

Our special visitors help us expose the children to a wide variety of experiences.

HELPFUL HINT: Keep in mind that children respond readily to visuals and hands on activities.

Finally, on Friday, our classroom Teddy will go home with the child for a weekend visit.  During this time the child will be asked to complete a book telling what he/she did with Teddy over the weekend.  The book also needs to be illustrated.  If you would like, digital pictures can be used.  Moms/Dads are encouraged to help your child with the writing.  The child should bring the book back on the following Monday to read to the class and add it to our classroom library for all of us to read and enjoy.

We are very excited to begin “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” but to be a truly successful program we need your support.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us.

Michelle Tigges & Ellen Lewis

Monday, January 19, 2015

Congratulations, Patriots!!

Rooms 17 & 18 showed their Patriots spirit on the Friday before the AFC Championship Game.  We must have brought them good luck! On to the Super Bowl, Patriots!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!  Along with the new year comes some new, exciting activities in second grade.  First of all, we will be starting Book Talk projects.  Reading rooms 17 & 18 have sent home the instructions and Mrs. Sheppard's class should be getting the directions shortly. The purpose of these projects is to expose the children to a variety of genres of reading, help children prepare a long term project and plan their time wisely,  give the children the opportunity to speak in front of their peers and to elicit an excitement to read the books their peers are sharing with them.  The first project is a fiction book, then a biography and lastly a nonfiction, where the children will "teach" the class about their subject. Each book should be a book the children have never read before and should be approved by the child's reading teacher before beginning the project to be sure is it an appropriate book and reading level. We are looking forward to some wonderful Book Talks in the weeks to come!

Also beginning in the new year is "Spotlight".  Spotlight is a special activity for second graders.  Each child will have the opportunity to "shine" for the week.  The other children will write wonderful things about the "Spotlighter", they will be able to bring in special items to share with the class, be the special helper for the week, get to share a special guest with our class at the end of the week and take home the classroom Teddy for the weekend. More specific details will be coming home soon so keep your eyes out to see who will be shining brightly in second grade.