Monday, December 21, 2015

More Traditions...

On Wednesday, Mr. A. came in to teach the children about the holidays he celebrates with his family.  He taught the children about Ramadan, Eid and a holiday similar to our Halloween.  It is amazing the diversity in our classroom.  Thank you to all who have shared their holidays with us.  We are all learning together!


As part of our Holiday tradition talks, Logan's Mom came in to talk with us about Hanukkah.  She read Latkes and Applesauce. Also, we learned about the how the candles on the menorah are lit to represent miracle of the oil that burned for eight days instead of one.  The dreidel game was lots of fun and we even have dreidels to play with in the class.  We are enjoying hearing about our classmates traditions and holidays.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Traditions

The second graders have been learning about different holidays, traditions and cultures during this busy holiday season.  We have invited parents to come in to share their family's traditions with us.

On Monday, Mrs. G. came in and taught us all about Advent. We learned about the Advent candles. Three of the candles are purple and one pink. The first purple candle is Hope, the second is Faith, the third (pink) is for Joy. The fourth candle is purple again and it is for Peace. The children were excited to see different Advent wreaths and the Advent calendar the family uses to count down to Christmas.

Over the next week we will be learning about many more traditions!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lost and Found

The Fox Hill Lost and Found is over flowing!!!  If your child is missing a jacket, sweatshirt, boots, mittens, etc. you may want to come and check out the lost and found.  All items are being donated after the holiday break.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reading Room 17 Book Buddies

Reading Room 17 was very excited to begin Book Buddies with Mrs. Bennett's kindergarten class.  Last Friday and every other Friday in the future, the second graders will choose books and read to their new kindergarten friends.  Below are some pictures from our first visit.  Be sure to ask your child all about their new Book Buddy!!

Fifth Grade Student Council Fundraiser

The Kindness Committee of the Fifth Grade Student Council is taking on TWO fundraisers this holiday season. The first -- a school-wide effort -- will kick off on Wednesday and supports the nonprofit organization, Cradles to Crayons. This organization provides much-needed support for poverty stricken Massachusetts children up to age 12. The organization accepts donations of new or nearly new clothing (including coats, boots, etc.); toys, games, and stuffed animals; and, school supplies (including backpacks). You can also send coins or dollar bills to contribute to the coin drive students have set up.
Please talk with your child about this fundraiser. It is a wonderful way to involve kids in giving to those in need.
I will also keep you informed about the Student Council's second fundraiser for People Helping People. This fundraiser is specific to fifth grade.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello December!!

The second graders have some exciting events happening during the month of December.  First of all we are asking for any parents who would like to share their holiday culture, tradition,  or customs please let us know.  We will invite you in to chat with the children.  This will allow us to get to know a variety of different cultures.

Secondly, in the spirit of giving for the holiday season, we will be starting an Acts of Kindness awareness.  Please see the description below.  We are looking forward to seeing how kind everyone can be to each other.

Acts of Kindness

With the holiday season upon us, we have been talking with the children about “giving”.  We have let the children know that giving is not necessarily connected with material objects but more importantly, giving of oneself in acts of kindness.  We are encouraging the children to perform at least two acts of kindness every day: one at school and one at home.

The homework for the next few weeks will be to record the acts of kindness on the attached sheet.  Please sign the sheet each day and have your child bring it in their homework folder.  This way they will be able to share their acts of kindness with us and we can discuss the true meaning of the holiday season.

Happy Holidays,
Mrs. Tigges, Mrs. Lewis & Ms. Stone

Goodbye November!

It is hard to believe that the first term of school is over and we are heading into December!!

November has been an exciting month.  Not only did we do all of our regular reading and math activities, we introduced the writing genre of personal narrative.  The children have been working on writing a well organized story about our vocabulary parade.  They wrote exciting beginnings to their pieces to grab their readers attention. Exciting vocabulary, strong details, transition words and a bold ending completed the personal narratives.  The children are working on publishing their pieces to become part of their writing portfolios.

Also, this month we had bus safety. Officer S. from the Burlington Police Department spoke with the children about the proper way to wait at the bus stop and how to cross in front of the bus. Then we headed out to the buses to learn all of the emergency exits.  Jumping put of the back door was the highlight!

We also wrote fall sense poems, published them in our Google accounts, sponge painted leaves to put the poems on and hung the colorful leaves on our beautiful fall tree designed by Jazmine's mother.

The second graders all brainstormed things they were thankful for.  The wrote their thoughts on turkey feathers to enhance our pod 3 turkey and also made cute turkeys to hang under our tree.  If you come for conferences this week you will see our wonderful display.

Lastly, on the half day before Thanksgiving, the children participated in some wonderful Thanksgiving stations.  They worked in groups of four or five, with at least once child from each grade 2 homeroom.  The children did reading, writing, math, social studies, and art activities to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends.

Enjoy the pictures below to get a quick glimpse into your child's learning community!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vocabulary Parade Video

Enjoy our Vocabulary Parade Video.  We hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn some new words.
The Second Grade Team

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Second Graders Adopt a Tree

The children in rooms 17 & 18 have been learning about trees.  Last week the children were put into Tree Journal groups: a group of four children to work together.  We went out to the playground and each group found a tree to "adopt".  The groups had to write down some data such as date, time and weather.  Also, they did some measuring of their trees. (The photos below are when we were learning how to use the tape measures.  The children had to measure around each other's heads and various other items around the room.) In addition, the groups had to use the thermometer to record the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.  Then the scientists has to write their observations of the trees and draw a well detailed picture of their tree.  While the children were doing all of their research on their tree they had to observe any animals they were able to see.  One group insisted they saw a deer in the woods, however, that was not confirmed by any other sources.  We will continue to monitor our classroom trees throughout the seasons.

Mrs. Lewis: Medical Leave

We wanted to inform you that Mrs. Lewis will be taking a short medical leave starting on Friday, November 6th.  A note was sent home by Mrs. Johnson on Friday however we wanted to be sure everyone knew.  Mrs. Lewis is planning on returning the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Mrs. Smith, the permanent substitute, will be filling in for Mrs. Lewis during her leave.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  Please be advised Mrs. Lewis may not be responding to emails during her leave so any issues that need immediate attention can be addressed to Mrs. Tigges or Mrs. Johnson.   or

Our Vocabulary Parade was a huge success!!

On Friday, October 30th Fox Hill School celebrated our first Vocabulary Parade.  All of the students in grades 1-5 came dressed as their vocabulary word.  There were costumes such X-ray, recycle, hibernate, imagination, egghead and vision.  
The second grade team of teachers along with the permanent substitute dressed with word emotions from Inside Out including joy, fear, disgust and anger.  We were covered with synonyms for each of our emotions.
We all met in the gym to "parade" our words in front of all of our friends.  Each child came up to the microphone to announce their word to the audience.  
As Mrs. Johnson mentioned, we all got to see over 350 new words.  
Once we got back to the room we took a picture of each child in their costume for the photo to become a part of their portfolio and also took a video of the child introducing their word and explaining the definition.  The short video will be uploaded to each child's Google Drive.
We can't wait until next year to have our Vocabulary Parade again!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vocabulary Parade

SAVE THE DATE! Our first annual Vocabulary Parade is on its way! Each student will select a word that will become a costume. Put your thinking caps on! How would you show the word X-RAY? or ZIGZAG? or BLIZZARD? From A to Z, students will consider the entire dictionary as possible wardrobe choices. Suggested word lists are attached with words that may spark your interest. Your child will be asked to bring his/her costume to school on Friday, October 30th, along with the selected word and definition attached to his/her costume. Thank you for helping us make vocabulary instruction into a Parade of Words!

Scholastic Book Fair

Just a reminder: Scholastic Book Fair this week.

Monday, October 19-Ms. Stone's reading class
Tuesday, October 20-Mrs. Lewis' reading class
Wednesday, October 21-Mrs. Tigges' reading class

The Scholastic Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity for the children to choose their own books.
Please encourage you child to choose "books" rather than all of the trinkets that will be available.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Fun!

Last week the second graders participated in a wonderful listening/following directions activity.  The children had lots of fun and the end result is a beautiful bulletin board.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Science

We had a special treat on Friday.  Mr. Mussleman from the Science Center came to give us a presentation on Pumpkin Science.  We discovered if the the pumpkin would sink or float and learned the parts of a pumpkin.  Then we experimented with how the fire works, needing fuel, oxygen and heat by using a jack-o-lantern. Lastly, we enjoyed a chemical reaction with the pumpkin. Be sure to ask your child a out our science discoveries and enjoy our pictures. A video will be coming soon.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to School Night Update

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for Back to School Night.  It was wonderful to meet you.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything that was discussed, please feel free to contact us.

As we mentioned last night, working with your children every day makes it a wonderful world for us.  As a result, the children made this video to put the words of the song into pictures. The illustrations in the video were made by combining one child from each room, 17, 18 &19 to work together to create one picture.  This activity encourages the children to work cooperatively and help build a sense of friendship and community. We hope you enjoy the video.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome Back to School!!

Image result for welcome back to school

Welcome to second grade!  Today we had a wonderful day.  We were excited to meet all of our new students and the children were ready for a new adventure.  An especially proud moment was when our current Fox Hill students were so welcoming to our new members of the Fox Hill community.

We began the day with a morning meeting where we did our greeting and shared something about ourselves. Then we read a book called The First Day Jitters,  where the main character in the story was a bit nervous about starting school.  Ask your child who the "surprise" character was.  Snack and a little bonus recess time was next on the agenda followed by a group activity with all of the second grade classes.  We read a poem about friendship and then the children wrote their own verse for the poem.  Then we made "people" that will surround our poem and new verses.  After recess and lunch we shared some "Me Boxes" then did a first entry of the children's portfolio entitled "My first day of second grade."  Next was Physical Education and a bit more writing.  We ended the day with sharing our Welcome Back to School bag with the children.  (Wow!!  What a busy day!!)

Just a quick reminder: We have snack every day and it is difficult for the children who do not have a snack to watch their friends eating.  In the past we were able to share snack with those children however, the new food policy doesn't allow that freedom any more.  Please be sure your child has  healthy snack every day.  It is their "fuel" to get them through until lunch.  Also, it is expected to be very hot and humid all week.  Extra water may be helpful this week.

Please try to come to Fox Hill's Back to School Night on Thursday, September 10th from 6:30 to 8:30.  It will be an informative evening and a great chance to see some of your child's work!

We are so excited to begin our second grade adventure!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School Spirit Week: Mismatch/Crazy Hair Day

Today was the third day of School Spirit Week.  We celebrated by wearing mismatched clothes and crazy hair.  We also talked about differences.  We read the book Larf which was a wonderful story about how were are all different and we should celebrate our differences.  To end the day, we had special visitors from the Disability Access Commission.  Mrs. Mazzocca has been blind for the past 20 years due to diabetes and Mrs. Fitze developed Multiple Sclerosis. The children were amazing with Mrs. Fitze's three wheeled hand bike. They both shared with us the fact they consider themselves, "Differently Abled" rather than disabled. Both women encouraged the children to ask questions and were pleased with the thoughtful discussion.